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                Lodge News 2016

SWCOPs 2016 is now in the history books, but WOW what an incredible year this was!  A big thanks to everyone involved!!!
Merry Christmas!


The 2016 Medina Co. FOP Lodge 204 Honor Run is now in the history books!  The Medina Co. FOP Lodge 204 Honor Run is a Poker Run to benefit the creation of our Honor Guard, to serve families of our fallen during their greatest time of need.    

The 2016 Medina Co. FOP Lodge 204 Honor Run was a huge success and a great time was had by all!  We raised over $3500 this year and look forward to another great event in 2017! 

And a BIG Thank You to everyone who participated, donated, or helped out in anyway for making such a success!

I would like to shout out a big THANK YOU to everyone who attended and contributed our 1st Annual Reverse Raffle!!!

Saturday Feb 20th,
was one heck of a good time.  The food was fantastic and the Photo Booth was a huge hit.  We had over 160 in attendance and raised almost $8,000.  Plans are already in the works for the second annual Reverse Raffle next year and we hope to see all of you again.  I would also like to thank everyone who donated to the silent auction this year.  There were some great items offered and bidding was intense.  Thanks to all for their Enthusiasm and the Great Time!

Medina County FOP Lodge #204 would like to announce the formation of the new Medina County FOP Associates Lodge!  This lodge is open to civilians who are interested in supporting the Law Enforcement Officers of Medina County.  Visit the FOPA page for more information.

                Lodge News 2015

Shop with a Cop 2015 was a Roaring Success!  157 kids were treated this year to breakfast at the Weymouth Country Club followed by a police car caravan to the Medina Township Walmart where each had a $100 gift card to spend.  The fun didn't there as everyone returned to the Weymouth Country Club for lunch and other festivities.

Shop with a Cop is sponsored by the Medina Township Police Department and Medina County FOP Lodge 204. Officers from 13 county and federal law enforcement agencies plus a number of public service organizations volunteered their time to go holiday shopping with disadvantaged youngsters.


Ok Folks, we're in the final stretch for the Poker Run/Honor Run on July 11th.  We need volunteers to help at each of the three stops in the middle of the run.  These will be at the Wadsworth VFW, the Lodi American Legion and Medina VFW.  It's easy job, but we need someone to do it.  You duties will include stamping and initialing wristbands when the riders come in ... that's it.  Please contact me, Jeff or Adam if you will be available to help.  I'm sure we can use help at Century Harley for the start or Geno's at the end as well, so let us know what you can do. Spouses and family members are welcome to help as well.

Note to members:  Early reports are that the fish ARE biting!  It's good hear reports of guys getting out and using the lakes.  Keep in mind, if you come across someone at the lakes, or anywhere on the property, John wants us to help keep trespassers off the property. 

The mowing schedule is set up in the Lodge, and there are a few holes still available.  Remember, each cutting gets you $30 towards next year's dues, so be sure to take advantage of that.


Regular monthly meeting dates are planned to be the 3rd Sunday of each month at 1900, for the remainder of the year.  Meetings are held at the Baker House which is at the corner of Friendsville and White Rd. 


Check out the new FOP Benefits & Partnerships page.  You might be more than a little surprised by all the benefits membership in the FOP has to offer! 

Lodge News  2014

** Lodge Update**
As you may have heard, the Medina County FOP Lodge #204 has a new home.   On Thursday January 16th at our regular monthly meeting, lodge members met with John Baker at the former Baker Sand & Gravel offices. Mr. Baker and the board members worked out a deal to be Mr.Bakers guest on his property. In addition to use of the office building, Mr Baker is granting us use of the lakes for fishing and we will be putting in a 200 yard rifle range in the spring. This is a huge step forward for our lodge and our members. We (board members) are excited that this deal is finally coming to a close and we have high hopes for the future of our lodge! If you are not currently a member.... Now is the perfect time to fill out that application to become one!

    Lodge News  2013

March 2013 Total expenses to outfit the OVI Task Force/Checkpoint trailer came to $494.69, Just under the $500 limit set by the membership in February.  The best news is we were able to get every item on the list given to us by the OVI Task Force due to the generous discounts provided to us by the Home Depot and the Tractor Supply Company.  Thank you both for your help and support!

Our March 20th meeting was held at BW3’s in Medina in a semi private room off from the main restaurant.  Appetizers were provided by the Lodge and was a nice change in pace from our normal venue at the Nichols Dentistry building.   Our guest speaker for the meeting was Ms. Heide Orwin.    Heide is a tax professional, entrepreneur and real estate professional.  Heide has been providing accounting and tax services for over 20 years.  Heide provided us with nice mini seminar on tax considerations for Law Enforcement Officers and information on this year’s tax laws. Heide stayed for most of the evening answering any tax questions attendees had.   Thank you Heide for a great presentation!

Today, March 3rd 2013, our lodge President, Jeff Kinney, made over $350 in purchases to help equip the OVI Task Force trailer.  At our February meeting, Medina FOP Lodge 204 members authorized as a donation, the spending of up to $500 in equipment to help outfit the OVI Task Force/Checkpoint trailer.  Lt Brian J. Ohlin of the Brunswick Police Department provided our lodge with a wish list of needed equipment and Jeff was able to purchase and deliver the majority of it today.  There are two more items left on Lt. Brian’s list which had to be ordered but will be purchased by Medina FOP Lodge 204 when they arrive in the next few days. !!!Excellent Job, Lodge 204 Members!!!

February 2013 During our meeting on Feb 20th, discussions were held on meeting locations and its effect on attendance. Suggestions were made to keep the Nichols Bldg agreement in force and to move monthly meetings to various locations.  Various specific locations were discussed.  A motion was made and passed to start having monthly meetings in new and various venues.  Please check the Schedules page for time and locations of our monthly meetings. Additional discussion on increasing attendance to include: Training events, revising cheat sheets, creating Smartphone apps and bringing raffles back to our monthly meetings.  Stay tuned for more information ahead.